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ThermiVa: Non-Invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation

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ThermiVa is non-invasive, non-hormonal vaginal rejuvenation treatment used to help women reclaim their bodies and restore confidence.

Over time it is common for women to experience stretching of the vaginal muscles and vaginal dryness, due to child birth or simply aging. This can result in reduced satisfaction, lessened sensation, and altered relationships with partners. If you experience these symptoms ThermiVa is the perfect solution for reinvigorating your sexual experience.

ThermiVa uses controlled radio-frequency energies to gently heat both internal and external vaginal tissue, leading to tightening. This treatment is performed in the comfort of our own office and requires no downtime. ThermiVa allows you to regain control over the most intimate parts of your life.

Watch Monique Class, APRN explain the functions, applications and benefits of this new technology.

Click to see an animated demonstration of ThermiVa.

Why ThermiVa?

  • non-invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal
  • radio-frequency is safer and more reliable than laser treatment
  • no discomfort, no downtime
  • delivered at patient’s own comfort level
  • Performed in-office
  • Noticeable results after 1st or 2nd session
  • Long lasting results

Call our office to schedule a consultation and see if ThermiVa is the right treatment plan for you : (203) 321-0200

What are Patients Saying

Lindsey (Patient since 2009)

Dr. Evans is the most intuitive and caring doctor that I have ever had. From our first consultation, I felt comfortable and confident that I was in expert hands.

Jennifer Letitia, M.D.

After visiting six traditional doctors over several years with no improvement in my health, I was fortunate to learn about Monique Class and Joel Evans at The Center For Functional Medicine. In only a few months, I was feeling 100 percent better. My energy level and physical being was almost back to normal; my mental fog, exhaustion, anxiety and joint aches had resolved, and my metabolism improved such that I was losing weight. Class and Evans offer up-to-date medical knowledge in a personalized engaging way that elicits deep healing.

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