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The many constraints created by the current insurance model dictate that we will no longer be participating providers, additionally, health savings accounts can likely be used for our services in any insurance plans. Each of your health plans state how you will be reimbursed for seeing non-participating providers. Our introductory consultation fees, for new and existing patients, will be based on time spent together: $725 for a new patient visit with Monique Class, APRN and $900 with Joel Evans, MD. $275 for a 30 minute follow-up consultation. We will also offer our services remotely at the same cost. Annual exams, are scheduled for 30 minutes to include time for extended discussion of symptoms and general health promotion, will be $375.

What are Patients Saying

Lindsey (Patient since 2009)

Dr. Evans is the most intuitive and caring doctor that I have ever had. From our first consultation, I felt comfortable and confident that I was in expert hands.

Jennifer Letitia, M.D.

After visiting six traditional doctors over several years with no improvement in my health, I was fortunate to learn about Monique Class and Joel Evans at The Center For Functional Medicine. In only a few months, I was feeling 100 percent better. My energy level and physical being was almost back to normal; my mental fog, exhaustion, anxiety and joint aches had resolved, and my metabolism improved such that I was losing weight. Class and Evans offer up-to-date medical knowledge in a personalized engaging way that elicits deep healing.

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