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New! Aesthetic Services for a Refreshed You

New! Aesthetic Services for a Refreshed You. Call for a free 15-min consultation.
The Center for Functional Medicine is excited to offer effective, safe and painless Vaginal Rejuvenation services. As internationally known Functional Medicine educators and providers, we now offer the latest approach to the restoration of healthy vaginal anatomy, lubrication, and sexual function using the ThermiVa technique. For more information, please watch Monique Class’ introduction. See details about all our new offerings– including laser hair removal–in the Aesthetic Services section of Services.

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What is Functional Medicine?

functional medicine

Functional Medicine is an approach to health that views most symptoms and diseases as the result of an imbalance in the body. An excess, such as too much stress, or a deficiency, such as not enough healthy intestinal bacteria, creates an environment that promotes the development of ill health. Our experience, fully supported by science, has shown us that when imbalances are corrected, symptoms and diseases can improve and even disappear.

Care at the Center for Functional Medicine will involve a meticulous and thorough assessment to identify the root causes of imbalance and create protocols to restore harmony in the body. Our treatment plans will show you how to utilize medication and surgery as a last resort, not a first choice. We will serve as a source of inspiration and information by offering coaches, nutritionists, mind/body therapists and lifestyle educators.

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Our Mission

How We Manifest Our Mission:

The process of improving the lives of our patients is comprehensive and begins with a thorough assessment of their physical health, nutritional status, emotional well-being and desire for further spiritual growth. We are then able to design, in partnership with our patients, a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan made up of the many therapeutic modalities we offer.

The Center for Functional Medicine upholds its commitment to corporate citizenship by donating 10% of all profits to philanthropic causes and providing free care on a monthly basis in exchange for a charitable contribution.

What We Do

What are Patients Saying

Lindsey (Patient since 2009)

Dr. Evans is the most intuitive and caring doctor that I have ever had. From our first consultation, I felt comfortable and confident that I was in expert hands.

Jennifer Letitia, M.D.

After visiting six traditional doctors over several years with no improvement in my health, I was fortunate to learn about Monique Class and Joel Evans at The Center For Functional Medicine. In only a few months, I was feeling 100 percent better. My energy level and physical being was almost back to normal; my mental fog, exhaustion, anxiety and joint aches had resolved, and my metabolism improved such that I was losing weight. Class and Evans offer up-to-date medical knowledge in a personalized engaging way that elicits deep healing.

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